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How it works

Dayforce Wallet supports employee financial wellness by allowing employers the ability to offer their employees easy access to their pay using a mobile app and their Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard®. The Dayforce Card can be used just like a traditional debit card to make purchases, pay bills, and withdraw cash. 

One of the biggest benefits of using Dayforce Wallet is the ability to access pay on-demand, as soon as it’s earned and at no cost.* Employees may also choose to have all or some of their pay added to their Dayforce Card each pay period using direct deposit.
Signing up for the Dayforce Card does not impact credit scores, as it is not a credit card, and there is no credit check required. Unlike cash advances, Dayforce Wallet offers employees early access to their earned pay, so there’s no risk of overpayment or post-pay corrections.

Dayforce Wallet includes a free, easy to use, mobile app to help you access your pay on demand and manage your card. Available for Apple and Android devices, the app offers you the ability to view your card balance, available pay, and transaction history, as well as a way to transfer money to other accounts. 

On-demand pay requests are made using the Dayforce Wallet mobile app. When an employee makes an on-demand pay request, funds are added to their Dayforce Wallet account and are accessible using their Dayforce Card. 

Dayforce Wallet is available to companies that use Ceridian’s flagship platform, Dayforce, for HCM/payroll in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Not all Dayforce customers have signed up for Dayforce Wallet, so ask your employer if you’re not sure. In the U.K., you must be 18 years or older to register for Dayforce Wallet. 

Adding pay to your card

You can add your pay to your Dayforce Card in one of two ways: 

1. Many employers offer their employees on-demand pay, which means you can add your available pay to your card at any time, without having to wait until your standard payday.  

2. You can also have your pay automatically deposited to your Dayforce Card each pay period by setting your card account up for direct deposit. You can have some or all of your paycheque added to your Dayforce Card. Click here to learn more about setting up direct deposit to your Dayforce Card.

Available pay is the net amount of your wages available to you. This number will grow larger as you complete your working time, and it clears out after your employer issues your paycheque. 

In the Dayforce Wallet mobile app, select “Add Pay to Card” and choose the amount of available pay you would like to add to your card. Please keep in mind you cannot undo this action, and this amount will be paid to you immediately and deducted from your regularly scheduled pay cycle.  

Once funds are loaded to your card, you can begin using it, subject to transaction fees and limits. Please see the Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard® Terms and Conditions. 

Yes, each time funds are withdrawn, Dayforce Wallet automatically protects or withholds the proper amount of taxes, arrestments, and other source deductions for you based on the transaction amount. The amounts are visible in your earnings statements in Dayforce.  
Yes, because each on-demand pay is a true payday, each on-demand pay will have a corresponding earning statement available in Dayforce. 
Since an on-demand pay request is an actual payday, the hours used to calculate the on-demand payment are not used in future payments.  Your normal paycheque will only reflect wages you have not already withdrawn. The earning statement will reflect each on-demand pay distribution separately, as well as a total with the applicable earnings, deductions, and total amount distributed. 

Using your card

You can use your card anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted (subject to terms and conditions). You can use your card to make online and in-store purchases, to pay bills, and to withdraw cash.  
Card account details can be found by clicking on the “Home” page of the Dayforce Wallet app or within the Account section of the app. 
Yes, you may use the 16-digit Dayforce Card number printed on your card to pay any bills that can be paid via a debit card. 
Generally, yes, but be sure to check with the merchant before your transaction, as not all retailers accept multiple payment methods. If your purchase costs more than the balance on your card, most merchants allow you to simply pay the difference with cash or another payment method.

Card management and fees

There are no balance minimums, monthly fees, or fees to add your available pay to your card. Consult the Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard® Terms and Conditions for a complete list of fees that do apply.

Prepaid Financial Services Limited, the issuing electronic money institution of the Dayforce Card, will not perform a credit check.

If you see a transaction you don’t believe you made, please contact Customer Service immediately at 0800-279-0315. 

No, not at this time.

Transaction and spending history

Transactions can be viewed in the Dayforce Wallet app, categorized by on-demand payments, spending, withdrawals, and transfers. One year of history is available in the app.

Call Customer Service to request available written transaction history. 

View your card balance in the Dayforce Wallet app or by calling Customer Service toll-free at 0800-279-0315. 

It is possible to have a negative balance on your card when you’ve used your card at establishments like restaurants, hotels, or other venues where you may add a tip onto a printed receipt. A negative balance means the tip added after the card authorisation exceeded the card balance.   

Please ensure you have sufficient funds loaded onto your card to cover the full balance of the transaction before authorizing any charge. If you don’t do this, there is a possibility of a negative balance.


Transfer funds

Yes, employees can transfer funds to an external bank account using the Dayforce Wallet mobile app. However, one of the benefits of Dayforce Wallet is that it is designed to help employees manage their pay and expenses all in one place. There are no fees to transfer funds to another account. 

To transfer money to another bank account using the Dayforce Wallet app, you must first follow the steps to validate the external bank account information. Once this is complete, follow the steps in the app to make a transfer to the preferred account. The funds are sent to the bank and typically received in one business day, and there are no fees to transfer funds to another account, although limits do apply. 

ATMs and access to cash

Yes, you may use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs. There’s no fee when you use cashpoints attached to certain vendors (i.e., high street banks or large supermarkets, etc.). You can still use your card out-of-network, but you will be subject to the out-of-network ATM fee as well as any additional fees imposed by the operator or network. In such cases, the cashpoint will clearly notify you upfront. In all other cases, there will be no fees charged to you. Consult the Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard® Terms and Conditions for a complete list of fees.

There is a default PIN (Personal Identification Number) assigned to your Dayforce Card. Call Customer Service at 0800-279-0315 and follow the prompts to retrieve your PIN. You can change your PIN at in-network ATMs, but you need to know your default PIN first to change it. Not all cash machines will offer PIN Change service, so it is recommended to locate a cashpoint at any UK high street bank.  

To update your PIN, insert your card and enter the correct PIN. From the menu, select PIN services, where you will have an option to Change PIN. You will need to enter the new PIN twice. The new PIN will take effect immediately. 

Yes, you are limited to withdrawing £1,000 per day. The ATM operator or network may also impose additional limitations. 

Lost or stolen cards and devices

Please notify us immediately of the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your Dayforce Card. Call Customer Service at 0800-279-0315, 24 hours a day. 

You will be charged a £5 Card Replacement Fee for each request.  

You must be logged in to the Dayforce Wallet app to request your earned pay. You should never share your login credentials with anyone. To ensure no unauthorised users can gain access to your app, we recommend you double-check your device’s security settings. 

Traveling with your card

The Dayforce Card may be used outside of the United Kingdom for purchases and ATM withdrawals. International Transaction Fees, International ATM Withdrawal Fees, International ATM Decline Fees, and other applicable fees apply. See the Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard® Terms and Conditions for complete details. 


Access to your Dayforce Card is protected by a unique Personal Identification Number ("PIN") as well as security measures designed to protect you from unauthorized use of your card. 

Our issuing electronic money institution’s fraud team provides fraud monitoring, prevention and support for all cardholders. See your Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard® Terms and Conditions for complete details on fraud. 

We follow strict procedures to ensure that your card account and personal information are protected. For more information regarding your privacy, please view the Privacy Policy.

All customer funds held by our partner electronic money institution, Prepaid Financial Services Limited, are segregated from our funds and held in a separate customer funds account in accordance with the safeguarding requirements under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. In the event that we or Prepaid Financial Services Limited becomes insolvent, those funds are protected against claims made by any of our creditors. 

Register and get your card

You can register for Dayforce Wallet within the Dayforce Wallet mobile app or in Dayforce by following the registration steps. Registration requires a valid email address, phone number, and a Dayforce account. Please also have one (1) piece of valid photo ID ready: passport, driver’s license, or residence permit. PASS card not accepted at this time. 

We will also ask for additional information as required by applicable law, including your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you.  

When registering, please have one (1) piece of valid photo ID ready to verify your identity. Types of ID accepted are: passport, driver’s license, or residence permit.  

PASS card not accepted at this time. 

The final step in registering for Dayforce Wallet is to confirm your mailing address so that a card can be sent to you. 
To activate your card, call Customer Service at 0800-279-0315 and select the Dayforce Card option for card activation. This number is also listed on the back of your card for easy access anytime. As part of the card activation process, you will be given your default PIN.  

You’ll typically receive your card in 7-10 business days. If you haven’t received your card after 15 business days, contact Customer Service at 0800-279-0315, and they will be happy to assist you. 

Please contact Customer Service at 0800-279-0315, and they will be able to further assist you. 

No, not at this time. 

Account changes

If you forgot your password, there are two ways you can create a new one. Follow the steps below in the Dayforce Wallet app: 

  • Tap on the Forgot? button  

  • Enter your account email address and tap Next to continue 

  1. If you are asked to choose how to receive a code*: 

  • Select “Email Me”, “Text Me”, or Call Me” 

  • Enter the One Time Passcode sent to the selection you made  

  • Create your new password 

  1. If you are asked to enter the code that was sent to your email**: 

  • Enter the code you received 

  • You’ll be asked to answer security questions to verify your identity 

  • Once verified, create your new password 

*To use this feature, your device needs to meet the following requirements: 

  1. Your device needs to be registered with Dayforce Wallet. This can be accomplished by logging in to your account on this device. 

  1. You need to have a passcode or biometric login enabled (Face ID/Touch ID on iOS or fingerprint/face recognition on Android). 

**If the email you enter is not associated with a Dayforce Wallet app account, you will not receive a code. 


To enable two-step verification, go to the Account screen in the Dayforce Wallet app. Under the Security section, tap Two-Step Verification and toggle the Protect my account option to turn it on. The button will turn light pink/purple.   

Doing so prompts periodic two-step verification to verify your identity and login credentials, including when using a new or unrecognized device. You can also choose to have two-step verification occur every time you log in.  

You can close your Dayforce Card account by calling 0800-279-0315. Removing the mobile app does not close your account. 

To change your phone number: navigate to the Account screen. In the Personal Information section, tap the mobile number. Click on Change Number. Enter your NEW mobile number and tap Next. A code will be texted to the number created. Enter the code and tap Done. 

To change your user ID/name and address, or other relevant information: please contact Customer Service at 0800-279-0315 to make applicable updates. You may be asked to provide additional information to protect your account.  

Upon separation from your employer, you will no longer be able to request or receive on-demand pay from this employer, but you will still have access to any remaining funds on your card. You can continue to add funds to your card, including pay from another employer. If your next employer doesn’t offer Dayforce Wallet, you can still have your direct deposit set up to go to your Dayforce Card. If your next employer does offer Dayforce Wallet, you can link your card to the new employer.    

System requirements

At this time, both iOS (version 13 and higher) and Android (version 6.0 and higher) devices are supported. Tablets will be fully supported in the future; currently, they can be used, but optimal functionality is not guaranteed. 

More help

For Dayforce Wallet customers in the United Kingdom 


Hours for support: 

  1. Dayforce Card support: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM GMT 

  1. Dayforce Wallet account or mobile app support: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM GMT 

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